okay so according to my schedule i should be able to party, get enough sleep, spend time with friends and boyfriend, eat normal meals and watch 23 films in those 5 days of festival

i can’t wait for the valdivia film festival next week! there’s so many films i want to see, i’m already scheduling my week :-)


Ewan McGregor & Christoph Waltz


Coffee and Cigarettes (2003)

Directed by Jim Jarmusch


Moonrise Kingdom
by Nuria Tamarit / Tumblr

Gone Girl (2014)

Did I hit you?

Bono: I love you.
Bono's Wife: Oh I love you back!
Bono: you what?
Bono's wife: I love you also, bono.
Bono: say it.
Bono's wife (grumbling): I love you too.
*the rest of U2 comes from behind the wall and starts playing Vertigo*
Bono's wife: I hate this and also everything.

Love usually leads to trouble.